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FINANCIAL CHEST – The existence of a teacher certainly has a very meaningful and valuable role in coloring our lives. As we all know, being a teacher is a noble job and not an arbitrary profession. This is because the teacher is an educator and mentor who plays an important role in providing knowledge and shaping the character of his students so that their future will be better which will later become the nation’s next generation. Therefore, we know the term teacher is an unsung hero. On this national teacher’s day celebration, let’s pray that the teachers who have contributed to our lives will have a more prosperous life.

You definitely want a prosperous life and avoid financial difficulties, right? Well, this is certainly the desire of everyone, including the teachers. Therefore, below we will discuss how to manage finances for teachers. Of course, managing finances for teachers is important to know early on so that when they enter retirement age, teachers will not experience financial difficulties and can continue their lives in prosperity.

1. Have Financial Goals

Having financial goals is important to have early on so that teachers can plan their finances and start managing their income better and more directed towards achieving financial goals in the future, for example having a pension fund or buying assets (houses or land). Therefore, set financial goals early on. Because, knowing financial goals, this can make teachers more careful in managing finances by limiting unnecessary expenses according to a priority scale for financial goals.

2. Manage Salary Wisely

A teacher’s salary can vary widely because it can be influenced by several factors such as employee rank, competence, educator certification, performance appraisal, work experience and other factors. Regardless of the amount of salary income received, the most important thing is how to manage the salary wisely. Therefore, recording expenses and income and compiling a monthly budget is important in order to be able to manage salaries wisely.

3. Saving and investing

In order to have a good financial condition, start setting aside income for saving or investing as early as possible. Avoid spending your salary uncontrollably in accordance with the budget plan that has been made and start saving and investing even from receiving your first salary. If you who also work as a teacher have not done this, then you can start now so you can create a prosperous life in retirement. In the current digital era, it is very easy for people to obtain financial literacy materials as long as they are connected to the internet network, including those related to financial information, you can access them through the minisite However, in investing, of course, teachers need to make sure in advance that the financial service institution used is registered and supervised by the OJK.

4. Increase Income

To increase financial strength, in addition to relying on salaries, teachers can also increase their source of income by looking for additional work such as providing additional private lessons outside of lessons, opening a side business or other additional work. By having additional income, this can strengthen financial conditions and accelerate efforts to achieve financial goals.

Well buddy, those are our tips that teachers can do in managing finances. Good financial management is mandatory for everyone to know. Of course, in addition to understanding information about managing finances, understanding the characteristics of products/services and the financial services industry is also important because they have a close relationship in finance.

In order for financial management to be carried out properly, it is very important to know and know the existing financial services industry. As a form of OJK support in improving public financial literacy from an early age, OJK has provided financial literacy series books for students at the formal education level from early childhood, elementary to tertiary levels, which can be downloaded via Through this book, teachers are expected to be able to provide students with knowledge related to the financial services industry so that they have good financial literacy from an early age. Because with good financial literacy, this can help you live a more prosperous life and avoid unwanted financial losses.

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